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Conditions of entry into YEAR 13

Conditions of entry into YEAR 13

The Sixth Form caters for students engaged in studies leading to International Advanced Subsidiary (IAs Level) and International Advanced (IA Level) qualifications. It consists of Year 12, in which IAs Level module examinations are taken in June, and Year 13, in which IA Level components/A2 units may be taken, in some cases together with an additional IAs subject. Sixth Formers are voluntary school students whose academic aim is to succeed at a level acceptable for admission to quality universities worldwide.

As such, they are afforded special privileges in return for which they are expected to behave with special responsibility and maturity.

In late January, consultations held with Year 12 students and their parents will aim to:

  • Discuss and agree expectations for final IAs Level grades
  • Discuss each student’s plans for the next academic year
  • Determine subject options for those students who are planning to join Year 13 at IBS.

Students intending to proceed to A2 courses are advised to achieve an absolute minimum of 50% in each of the corresponding IAs units.

To succeed at A Level, students require a high level of self-motivation and independent study skills. Other factors, which may be taken into account when judging suitability for entry to Year 13, include attendance patterns, behaviour records and attitudes to learning.

We appreciate that these conditions of entry are rather complex. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact either of us.

Yours sincerely
Head of Secondary

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