Tuition fees


1st inst.
(Due Date: 1st Sep,19) 

2nd Inst.
(Due Date:1st Jan,2020)
3rd Inst.
(Due Date:1st Apr,2020)
Kindergarten 1545 100 515 515 515
Reception 1559 100 520 520 519
Year 1 2010 100 670 670 670
Year 2 2160 100 720 720 720
Year 3 2400 100 800 800 800
Year 4 2460 100 820 820 820
Year 5 2505 100 835 835 835
Year 6 2565 100 855 855 855
Year 7 2730 100 910 910 910
Year 8 2850 100 950 950 950
Year 9 2933 100 978 978 977
Year 10 3195 100 1065 1065 1065
Year 11 3216 100 1072 1072 1072
Year 12 3690 100 1230 1230 1230


Registration fee taken in advance will be adjusted in the first installment.

Discount policy for Tuition Fees:

  • Sibling discount of 10 % will be given from second child onwards
  • No sibling discount will be given in case of withdrawal or late joining.
  • Sibling discount will be revoked if the parent doesn’t pay all the due fees within the month in which it is due.
  • Staff Discount of 50 % will be applicable for two children only.
  • If the staff who is availing the staff discount and does not pay all the dues of term before the end of the term, then the discount for the full year will be revoked.
  • No staff discount will be given in case of withdrawal of the students or resignation of the employee before end of the Academic Year. However, if the employee resigns due to any unavoidable circumstances, the management may consider the discount until the term in which employee resign. If the student is withdrawn due to termination of the staff, the discount will be applicable until the term the student is withdrawn.
  • In case of termination of the staff, the staff discount will be applicable until the end of the Academic Year in which the employee gets terminated.
  • In case of new joining, the staff discount will be applicable from the term in which employee joins.
  • School Staffs are entitled to avail the discount within KIES only.
  • If an employee is moved by the company to another Al Rayan school, an employee will continue to avail the discount in the previous school.
  • KIPCO group staff will get a discount of 10% and will not be entitled further for any other discount like sibling.

Policy for New Joining:

  • The student will pay the fees for the full term in which student is joining for example if the student joins the school in the second month of the second term then student has to pay the fees of the second and subsequent term.

Transport Fees - Round Trip:


1st inst. 
(Due Date: 1st Sep,19)
2nd Inst. 
(Due Date:1st Jan,2020)
3rd Inst.
(Due Date:1st Apr,2020)
Up to Fintas 290 116 87 87
Other Areas not covered above 330 132 99 99



Policy for Dismissal:

Dismissal due to repeated detentions: Students can be asked to leave the school at the end of the academic year upon receiving 3 suspensions during the same year.

Dismissal due to unsatisfactory progress: Dismissal on the ground of unsatisfactory progress will be according to school & ministry rulings.

Dismissal due to unexcused absence: Student can be dismissed during the academic year, if the student is absent without excuse for a period of time that exceeds the allowed limit by the school & ministry.

In case of dismissal, the parent shall pay all the dues to that term.

The above rules are applicable for the academic year 2019-2020 & shall be reviewed & confirmed on a yearly basis.