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About IBS

School’s Credentials

  • approved by the Kuwait Ministry of Private Education.
  • We successfully passed the BSO compliance inspection conducted by the ISI inspectorate.
  • A member of BSME (British Schools of the Middle East).
  • A Partner school with the British Council.
  • We carry out both Cambridge Assessment International Education examinations and Pearson Edexcel examinations for IGCSE and IAsL.


To be one of the most sought after international-English schools in Kuwait, attracting the best teachers from all over the world to deliver an adapted, practical version of the British curriculum, and dedicated to building a prominent reputation for nurturing and producing the best achieving young minds.


To inspire, connect and engage with young minds through the highest standards of English-based education, developing character and ambition, and building a reputation for producing the leading lights of tomorrow.

Digital Platform by Eupheus Learning

Step and Learn

Empower your children beyond books and boards that can prepare them for the unprecedented challenges of tomorrow

Step and Learn is a digital interactive floor which has taken learning to the next level of exploration, adventure and excitement for the students. It enables the educators to create customized games and experiences to suit the school needs. The games are projected on the floor from a projector mounted on the ceiling and children use their hands and feet to interact with the floor. Many children can play simultaneously and this helps in team action and adds to the happiness and joy quotient of children. This interactive learning tool from Eupheus Learning Group provides a wonderful gateway to educationists.


At International British School, your child can gain an internationally recognisable British qualification, which can open doors to study at a reputable university around the world, including England. Our curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum and has been adapted to fit the needs of an ambitious 21st century Middle East. In addition, we have developed teaching and learning strategies to support those with English as a second language, based on best international practices.

We challenge gifted and talented young minds to reach their full potential using a wide range of methods and techniques, including multimedia, kinesthetic activity based learning, group interaction and independent study. This is delivered in our caring, supportive and friendly environment, which stimulates and encourages the individual thinker.

IBS follows the National Curriculum of England and is an approved examination centre for:

  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
  • International Advanced Subsidiary level (IAS Level)
  • International Advanced level (IA Level).

IGCSE AS and A Level examination through Edexcel and Cambridge International Examinations. Boards (UK)

Curriculum accommodation is made for studies required by the Ministry of Education in Kuwait:

  • Arabic for Arabs & non-Arabs
  • Islamic Studies for Muslim students with Arabic as a first language
  • Islamic Studies for Muslim students with Arabic as an additional language
  • Quranic Studies for Muslim Kuwaiti students (optional for non-Kuwaiti Muslims)
  • Kuwait Social Studies


We successfully passed the BSO compliance inspection conducted by the ISI inspectorate.


In March 2019 International British School was passed by UK Government Inspectorate approved by the UK Department for Education (DfE) to inspect British International Schools.


International British School is a member of the British Schools of the Middle East (BSME).

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