• School Life



Students are expected to wear school uniform at all times and adhere to the school rules. School uniform is available at the school shop from Sunday to Thursday during school hours. Please label all items of school uniform with your child’s name.

  •   Early Years (KG - Reception)  
  •   Primary Years  
  •   Secondary Years  
  •   Uniform Policy  

  • All students must be correctly dressed and understand that they, both in and out of School, are ambassadors for the school.
  • Being tidy and excellently presented is important and to this end, boy’s hair must be neat, tidy and short, spiky hair and hair gel is not allowed.
  • Girl’s fingernails must be short and clean. Long hair should be tied back in a ‘pony-tail’. Make up and nail varnish is not allowed.
  • Other than watches (student’s responsibility), no jewelry may be worn. If girls wear earrings, they should be stud-type only.
  • If students are incorrectly dressed, parents will be called and asked to bring the correct uniform or students may be sent home to change.

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