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Registration Process

To maintain the position of The International British School (IBS) as a Centre of excellence, it is essential that the students who gain admission meet standards that enable them to gain as much as possible from their learning experiences.

We aim to make the process of finding out about our school and applying for a place for your child as straightforward as possible and we hope you find the information within this section useful.

  • New Registrations
  • Re-Registrations

Parents and students who are considering joining IBS may request a tour of our campus. Tours can be arranged by contacting the main Reception. When parents contact the school, they will be asked for the age of the child, and what their interests are, so that a relevant tour route can be planned. The colleagues involved in the admissions process will be on hand to help and advise prospective parents throughout the application process. The various steps of the process are as follows:

Step1: In the first instance, parents of prospective students are, kindly requested to contact our Admissions Team. This can be via email, telephone or in person to book an entrance test appointment.
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +96522219242/45 (Extension 107)
Physical Address: block 9, Ibn Taimiya Street, Fahaheel.

Step2: The Registrar will require some basic documentation, including the personal details page of the child's passport and a copy of their most recent school report. Please make sure you have those papers ready for the entrance test.

For Early-Years:
- The test for KG requires a parent interview, which lasts around 30 minutes. Each child is tested on both motor-skills and basic knowledge of English. If a KG class is available, he/ she will join the lesson and be encouraged to play and interact with other children.
- The test for Reception requires a parent interview, which lasts around 30 minutes.
Finer motor-skills will be assessed as well as basic Mathematics and English. If a Reception class is available, the candidate will join the lesson and be encouraged to play and interact with other children.

For Primary:
- For Y1, the Head of Primary will ask a few questions to the prospective pupil to assess his/ her speaking and listening skills. A reading test based on a standardized reading test will be conducted. The whole assessment lasts about 45 minutes.
- From Y2-Y6, the Head of Primary will have a short conversation with the candidate to assess his/ her speaking and listening skills. A standardised reading test will assess the child’s reading age. Finally, there is a writing task consisting in a short composition.
- Mathematics consists of questions assessing concepts ranging from the four basic operations to problem solving. The whole entrance tests lasts around one hour.

For Year 7-Year 9:
- The entrance test consists of Mathematics and English. This is based on the baseline test taken by all students in those year groups.

For Year 10-Year 12:
- Prospective students will take an entrance test in Mathematics and English and IGCSE option subjects will be discussed with the Head of Secondary.

For Y12 students:
- A minimum of a B in IGCSE is expected or students will have to take a past paper to assess their level.
- It should be noted that it is not possible for students to join Year 11 unless they have completed year one of the appropriate two-year GCSE/IGCSE courses.
- A test fee of 25KD must be paid to the cashier on the day, before the candidate can take the entrance test.

Step 3: Once the entrance testing has been conducted and the results processed, prospective parents will be contacted with a decision by the Head of Department.

Step 4: For students who are offered a place, parents will meet with the Registrar to complete the initial data entry required for the registration form.
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +96522219242/45 (Extension 106)
Physical Address: block 9, Ibn Taimiya Street, Fahaheel.

Step 5: The next step is to visit the Accounts department in order to pay a registration fee (100 KD) and any fee settlement required.
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +96522219242/45 (Extension 112)
Physical Address: block 9, Ibn Taimiya Street, Fahaheel.

Step 6 : The sixth and final stage of the process is for the parent to return to the Registrar in order to complete the required data entry for the registration form and receive final confirmation of admission.

Step 7: The Registrar will liaise with the Head of Department to confirm a start date for the student. On the first day of school, the tutor/ class teacher will receive the student and introduce him/her to their new tutor group/ class.

Early in Term 3, parents of students already registered at IBS will receive notification of the deadline for re-registration, which has been agreed with the Ministry of Private Education. This date is always in the first week of April. Should a parent fail to re-register a student before the deadline, IBS cannot guarantee a place. As IBS is in high demand, we urge parents to re-register early to avoid disappointment. Parents are required to visit the school and to meet with the Registrar. During the meeting, parents should update details on their child’s registration form and then visit the Accounts Department to pay a non-refundable re-registration deposit, plus refundable compulsory charges per student.

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