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At International British School, your child can gain an internationally recognisable British qualification, which can open doors to study at a reputable University around the world, including England. Our curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum and has been adapted to fit the needs of an ambitious 21st century Middle East. And we have developed teaching and learning strategies to support those with English as a second language, based on best international practices.

We challenge gifted and talented young minds to reach their full potential using a wide range of methods and techniques, including multimedia, kinesthetic activity based learning, group interaction and independent study. This is delivered in our caring, supportive and friendly environment, which stimulates and encourages the individual thinker.

Up to age five, a child’s development is rapid and impacts future growth and learning. We create a secure, safe and happy environment for children to learn and make the most of their abilities and talents. This is achieved by working hard to inspire confidence and independent learning, and by offering early intervention where necessary. 

We encourage teamwork and friendship through active learning, as well as creative and critical thinking. Our teachers follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum as set up and revised by the British Association for Early Childhood Education. This is adapted to the abilities and needs of your child, with continual support provided at every stage.

During the academic year we also focus on Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, and Expressive Arts & Design (Art, Music). All teaching is topic based and aimed at making learning fun. Hands-on activities and age-appropriate lessons engage your child fully in the academic aspects of the Foundation Stage. This ensures easy transition into Year 1.

In both our Kindergarten and Reception classes, we teach reading and writing through the use of a Phonics program, which promotes the sounds of the English language rather than the alphabet.

At Kindergarten level, we focus on pencil control, fine motor skills and letter formation. At Reception level, writing starts with basic pencil control, letter formation, tracing and copying, until children are able to write their own words and sentences.

In Kindergarten, pre-reading skills are taught, and in our Reception classes we use the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme to teach children how to read.

In Kindergarten, children will cover 2D shapes, reading/writing/counting numbers 1-10, and size: bigger/smaller, more/less. In Reception, children will cover 2D and 3D Shapes, reading/writing/counting numbers 1-20, size: bigger/smaller, more/less, empty/full, time (o’clock, half past), and basic addition and subtraction within 20.

Children learn through hands-on discovery and experience. We introduce young minds to basic scientific aspects, such as light and dark, push and pull, hot and cold, floating and sinking.


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